Song Selections from 2013


Hand sketched & inked.


I wanted to make a mix cd for someone, but I wanted to make it really nice. She was mildly dismayed that I didn’t make a booklet for the mix cd I gave her last year, so I decided to make up for it. I’ve also been wanting to make an illustrated cd sleeve like this for years, and this was the perfect excuse.

Coyotes & Ladders


Ink on Bristol


The cover from a mix cd I made for someone last year.

Pterodaustro! - Pterosaur of the South


Rejected Jazz Festival Graphic


Hand sketched & colored in Photoshop.


Created as t-shirts for my sister and our niece.

Pterodaustro is one of my niece’s favorite pterosaurs, and I thought she would like a t-shirt of one, and she likes to color her pterosaurs orange.

Rejected Jazz Festival Graphic (yes, that’s the name of the piece) has a little more convoluted story to it, and may best be described as an illustration of what may not be appropriate for jazz festival merchandise.

Electric Ladybugs

(for a t-shirt for my friend’s daughter)


Hand sketched, colored in Photoshop


From last Christmas, for my sister & her bf.

Kosmoceratops Masquerade Dress

(inspired by the dinosaur of the same name)